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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Colloidal Silver

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The History of Silver


Since ancient times,

silver has been known to have powerful healing properties. The Greeks made and used silver vessels for serving and consuming their beverages. Legends of vampires being driven back by silver sprung up. American pioneers used to put silver dollars in their milk pails in order to retard spoilage.

As it has turned out,

this reverence for silver was not a matter of superstition or a reflection on its beauty. Silver is indeed a powerful antimicrobial, and silver ions kill pathogens within minutes of contact.

Yes, you heard that right; it is the silver ions, not colloidal particles, that kill pathogens (read this article for the proof).

The Science.

There is a large and growing body of scientific research that confirms what mankind has known for generations; silver is a highly effective tool that, when properly applied, can help in the fight against disease.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is nothing more than pure silver suspended in distilled water. The SILVERengines proton is a sophisticated electronic device that uses carefully measured and controlled electrical charges to disperse individual, positively charged atoms of silver (called ions) into a pint of pure distilled water. During this process, some of the silver ions lose their charge and combine with other uncharged silver atoms to form nano-scale (less than 100 nanometer) colloidal particles of pure silver. These particles are called colloidal because they are so small that the molecular motion of the distilled water keeps them from settling to the bottom of the jar.

What is Nanosilver?

Nanosilver is simply another term for high-quality colloidal silver in a mixture of about 90% ions and 10% colloidal particles smaller than 100 nanometers in size.

How can you be sure of quality results?

The SILVERengines proton is designed from the ground up to produce high quality results. It confirms water quality before it starts processing. The proton is a “constant current” machine, ensuring optimal colloidal particle size. It shuts itself off when the target concentration is reached, avoiding the “jar of mud” that you might when forgetting to turn off a lesser machine. Read all about the proton‘s quality design here.

Are there risks involved with using silver?

Silver has been used for health purposes for thousands of years. In modern times, while pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for thousands of deaths annually, silver has a perfect record of helping without harming.

The most serious charges ever brought against the use of silver are in themselves very misleading and questionable. For example, you can review this government web page yourself and read all the disparaging comments about silver’s lack of effectiveness and its supposed dangers.


But ask yourself; Where is the evidence? Compare the sources and references supplied on that government site with the vast amount of information supporting the beneficial use of silver, and decide for yourself. If the absolute worst case argument against silver is to hysterically repeat “You might turn blue!” when almost every drug ad you hear on television warns you that “Certain fatal events have occurred,” do you think there might be a propaganda war going on? Fatal events? Seriously?

What Is Nano Silver Good For?

There are as many uses of nano silver as there are people. Generally speaking, nanosilver is a powerful antimicrobial that you can make and use at home. You can read about a number of good uses here.

How Much Should I Take?

You can find extensive dosage guidelines based on EPA recommendations here: https://silversafety.org The simple chart on the left was created using the information available at that website. Starting with the “Weight” column, find the row nearest your body weight. Read across to find the appropriate dosage based on that body weight. This chart assumes that you are consuming nano silver in a concentration of 10PPM (Parts Per Million) which is the default concentration made by the SILVERengines proton.

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