As a health care practitioner, you already know the value of ionic/colloidal silver. Perhaps you’ve been recommending bottled pre-made silver to your clients for their needs? Maybe you haven’t wanted to suggest they make their own, concerned that they may not “make it right?” Will they use pure, distilled water? What if they don’t turn off the machine soon enough? What about silver particle size? Is the quality really as good as store-bought? The new SILVERengines proton removes all of these concerns! No more worries about water quality – the proton is smart enough to tell the difference between pure, zero ppm distilled water and tapwater. If tapwater is placed in the jar – even accidentally – the proton simply will not work! It will rapidly flash red to notify the user that the water is not acceptable. Unlike many other products on the market, including both “bargain units” and the most widely advertised and well known, the proton uses constant current control to ensure consistent, high-ionic content, nano-scale particle results. It does this fully automatically, continuously monitoring the process via its built in computer. You, and your clients, can relax and enjoy the result! SILVERengines would like to partner with you, to the benefit of both your clients and your bottom line. Please contact us and let us know that you wish to offer your clients all the benefits of the SILVERengines proton, and we can discuss the special arrangements and pricing available to you as a practitioner.

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