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Joe’s Story

30 Years of Experience with Colloidal Silver

This is Joe’s story, told by his step-daughter Lynn.

My step-dad was in and out of the hospital for four months, fighting a blood/bacterial infection. The MRSA infection eventually created an encapsulated abscess on his aortic valve. Another heart valve was leaking, and his pacemaker was not working right.

During his third hospitalization, antibiotics were being administered by I/V every four hours around the clock. My step-dad’s doctor walked in

“The antibiotics are going to destroy your liver,” he said, “or, we can take you off of the antibiotics and you can go home.” This was three days before Thanksgiving. “You will most likely make Thanksgiving,” the doctor continued, “but don’t expect to see Christmas. Your heart will fail before then.”

I wasn’t happy with that doctor’s poor bed side manner.

At that time, my step-dad couldn’t feed himself, couldn’t even stand, and getting him to the bathroom was very difficult.

I had bought my SILVERengines proton awhile ago,

but hadn’t begun using it at all.  Then they sent my step-dad home, and put him on hospice care. When I remembered that I had bought a proton, I said, “I’m going to try the silver water.”

I made a jar each day for him to drink. After six days on the silver water, his shaking started to subside, and he was able to start feeding himself. By day ten there was a huge improvement in his physical ability to get around.

Not only did he make Christmas,

he is doing better three months after the doctor’s pronouncement. He can walk without shaking. He can even get himself to the kitchen to make a sandwich. His breathing is better.   99% of the time, all his shaking is gone. I believe the silver worked, because he was not supposed to still be here.

Hillside Hospice has been back here to check on him, and they are astounded at his progress. We don’t know about the abscess on the aortic valve, but I’ll take any day that he is still here. Hospice didn’t even give him a week to live when they first checked him in. They didn’t think he was going to live long at all. The only thing we did was add the silver water to his diet.

Without the SILVERengines proton, he would not be here today.

Now we are using the silver water intermittently, ten days off and seven days on. He is maintaining an even balance, and is doing great.


-Lynn G.

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