Rich’s Story

Rich’s Story

Over 30 Years of Experience with Colloidal Silver

Note: “This amazing story of the healing power of colloidal silver—along with every testimonial on this website—is a story that I, the creator of the SILVERengines proton, have personal knowledge of. This is not “second-hand” information.
I, Duncan Cary Palmer, have had direct contact with the people involved.”

This is Rich’s story.

Rich works as a fire fighter. He is also an avid surfer.

One day last year, he showed up at church on crutches. I was curious about what had happened. Rich told me that he had been in a surfing accident in the South Pacific. He had cut his foot open on a coral reef. The cut had become badly infected, requiring multiple surgeries.

Despite the surgeries and every effort to recover,

Rich’s foot developed a deep-seated MRSA infection.

When I asked more questions about his situation, Rich told me that he had been out of work for more than a month, had used up all his sick leave, and was beginning to be concerned about losing his home.

I loaned Rich a SILVERengines proton.

Rich began using the proton faithfully, and before long his foot was on the mend. Presently, Rich is back at work and all is well.

Rich W., thanks for sharing your story!

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