Does Colloidal Silver Kill Viruses?

30 Years of Experience with Colloidal Silver

The “news” these days is spreading F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about non-mainstream remedies.

But, methinks perhaps they doth protest too much…

Are you a critical thinker?

Can you tune-out misinformation and evaluate truth for yourself? Or will you let “he said/she said” noisemakers—pretending to be reliable news sources—keep you from learning the facts you need to protect your family?

Many journalists, even those writing for normally reputable publications, are going out of their way to bad-mouth unconventional remedies, and especially to speak ill of colloidal silver.

To be sure, there are charlatans popping up, unscrupulously taking advantage of our uncertain times and our fears to promote unproven products. Much like Nigerian Princes and “You’ve won the lotto!” scammers, these opportunists seek to prey on the unsophisticated and unsuspecting. But the existence of a few bad apples is no excuse for a tidal wave of shoddy reporting that parrots half-truths and outright lies about the time-honored, proven benefits of colloidal silver.

A lie is a lie, no matter who may be telling it.

If you google “colloidal silver” these days, you’ll find that none of your top search results have one good thing to say. Typical articles (e.g. this hit piece in Forbes or this supposed “fact checking” article) cite government sources or large medical institutions (like Mayo Clinic) to give themselves an air of authority.

For example, the author of the Forbes article makes blanket statements about colloidal silver and other preparations that aren’t part of mainstream medicine—statements like the following:

“None of them work at all against coronavirus.”
– Steven Salzberg, Ph.D.

Quoted from his Forbes article titled:
“US Government To Coronavirus Scammers: Cut It Out!”

Do you think that just because Mr. Salzberg is an obviously intelligent, successful, highly educated human being, his assertion must be true? Does mentioning the US Government in the title of the article validate what he says?

Steven Salzberg, Ph.D., is, of course, free to publish whatever he wants; he’s entitled to his opinion, no matter how unfounded. But the real question is this: Should you or I accept his opinion without checking the facts? Is Mr. Salzberg stating the truth, or could he possibly just be passing along misinformation?

What does the research actually show?

The scientific research examining the effect of colloidal silver on viruses is overwhelmingly conclusive:

Colloidal silver is a powerful anti-viral agent.

I’m not making this up. And, thanks to the internet, you don’t have to take my word for it either. You can (and you should!) learn this for yourself. If you’re seated in front of an internet-connected computer, or holding a smart-phone in your hand, you have immediate access to abundant, verified references that will confirm what I’m saying.

For example, in the column nearby you can read a peer-reviewed research paper confirming that silver ions (Ag+) are highly effective against viruses.

You can also confirm the existence and legitimacy of this paper by simply copying the title into your favorite search engine:

  • Viral Pathogens and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Oligodynamic Ag+ for Direct Immune Intervention

You can find this, and many other significant research papers online that tell the real story: colloidal silver, and most particularly silver ions, have successfully treated a variety of viruses.

Whether or not the “virus du jour,” the pathogen purported to be the cause of the pandemic at large during the current (2020) election year, has been clinically proven to fall before the onslaught of Ag+ is rather a moot point, don’t you think? If silver has provably worked so very well in the treatment of “a variety of viruses” in days gone by, why in heaven’s name are “journalists” all jumping on the current bandwagon in a full court press trying to discourage people from even trying it? Why are they so quick to lie about it, saying there is no evidence that it kills viruses?

Worse yet, why is the public so quick to swallow this nonsense when a simple internet search can reveal the truth?

Seriously, you don’t even have to type in a long research paper title; just ask this simple question:

  • Does colloidal silver kill viruses?

Read the results of the search. Sure, it will also turn up the nay-sayers, but go ahead and read both sides; which side of the question has the evidence?

But don’t we at SILVERengines have a stake in the matter?

Of course we do.

We admittedly stand to profit from whatever sales of our amazingly capable proton colloidal silver generating machine may result as a consequence of the current global frenzy.

But, guess what? We’re not going to apologize for that! From the day we first introduced the proton to the market, we have firmly believed that every family in the world needs a proton in their medicine cabinet. Owning one is a great way to be prepared to deal with most any pathogen that may come along. Just read the stories of people we know whose lives have been saved or dramatically improved because they had a proton available. If current concerns motivate people to acquire a proton, we fully expect them to be ultimately blessed by having it on hand.

What’s not to appreciate about having your own colloidal silver factory on hand whenever you may need it? There’s nothing wrong with being able to produce pint after pint of the highest quality, 10ppm colloidal silver any time on demand.

Do your own research. Learn for yourself that colloidal silver is effective against viruses.

We hope you’ll browse our entire website, filled with useful and interesting information. We’re sure you’ll come to the same logical conclusion that thousands of others have reached:

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