…on your purchase of the new SILVERengines proton

For a very detailed description of how to set up your proton, [CLICK THIS LINK].

Please at least watch this short video before you use your proton for the first time:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

CAUTION: Do not get your proton wet! Only the silver wires should ever touch the water. Getting the case wet is likely to cause damage to the circuit board and void the warranty.

Please read the proton manual for more detailed information.

The SILVERengines proton manual is fairly large, and may take a while to download.

While you can open it in a new window, we recommend downloading it and using it locally on your own disk. This way, you will always have a handy local copy…

Download: SILVERengines proton manual (Last updated: 24-March-2017)
Download: proton “Quick Start” card (Last updated: 16-October-2016)

Archived Manual: 26-March-2015
Archived Manual: 10-December-2014
Archived Video: 27-March-2015

Please check back from time to time for new or updated versions!