Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will ionic/colloidal silver turn me blue? (a rare condition known as argyria)
A: The “blue man scare” is propaganda promulgated by the giant pharmaceutical companies and their FDA lapdogs. When used as directed with distilled water, the SILVERengines proton produces only the highest quality pure ionic/colloidal silver, which definitely will not cause argyria when used according to directions. Please read “How Not To Become A Smurf.”  You may also enjoy this excellent article that debunks that myth.

Q: How long does it take the new SILVERengines proton to make a 16oz batch of ionic/colloidal silver?
A: Actual time may vary considerably because the proton, unlike other primitive systems, is not a “timer based” device. However, at the default setting of Level 3, if you follow the instructions in the manual, and if you start with high quality distilled water, and if you set up the proton in a comfortable “room-temperature” environment, a 16oz batch should typically take about four hours. At the highest available setting (Level 5), the proton may take as long as eight hours to produce a batch of approximately 20 PPM solution strength.

Q: When the light turns green and the batch is done, it still looks like distilled water. How do I know anything has happened?
A: Properly made ionic/colloidal silver should and does appear clear to the naked eye, or possibly very lightly straw-colored. If you were to test the distilled water with an Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter before and after you make a batch, you would see the PPM level go from Zero PPM to somewhere between 3 and 20 PPM (depending on the setting of your SILVERengines proton. Another way to observe that there are now suspended sub-micron sized particles in the water is to shine a laser light through it, before and after, viewing it against a darkened background. This is called the Tyndall Effect, and it clearly shows that silver has dispersed into solution.

Q: Can I use my proton with my backup / portable phone charger?
A: Yes, your proton is ultimately portable! The proton will operate reliably with any standard micro USB power source capable of supplying at least 300mA (300 milliamps) or more of current for the time it takes to produce a batch of colloidal/ionic silver. This includes cellphone “booster” battery packs,  your typical cellphone charger, or even one of the USB outlets on your laptop or desktop PC. However, please note that to adjust your PPM level, you may need to “plug in” to a power outlet.

Q: How many batches can I make with my battery pack?
A: That would depend, of course, on the size of your pack. As a simple example, if you have a fully-charged 3000mAH battery pack, you would likely be able to make two or three complete batches before needing to recharge.

Q: Can I adjust the PPM level of my colloidal/ionic silver?
A: Yes, there are five selectable levels, ranging from about 3 PPM to about 20 PPM as measured by an EC meter. Please refer to the proton manual for details.

Q: How long will my .999 fine pure silver wires last?
A: First, know that these wires are easily replaceable (you can purchase a spare set at the “Buy link.“)  To replace them, just loosen the stainless steel hex screws on the back of your proton, slide the old wires out, slide your new ones in, and gently tighten the screws.

Having said that, you are not likely to need to replace your wires for a year or more. Such a small amount of silver is actually used by the proton, the wires should easily make you ~150 to 200 16oz batches of ionic/colloidal silver.

Q: Why are the pure silver wires bent into a “U” shape?
A: By keeping the tips of the wires up above the solution, a more even charge distribution is accomplished. This is important for maintaining a uniform and very small resulting colloidal particle size.

Q: Someone told me that ionic silver is only good for external use. Is that true?
A: Actually, ionic silver is very effective both externally and internally. In fact, ionic silver is the form of silver that directly interacts with pathogens to destroy them. Furthermore, the body has a “built in mechanism” that insures that silver ions get from your mouth, safely through the acid of your stomach, and into your bloodstream. It is called “metalloproteins”, and you can read about them here.

Q: Is silver a “heavy metal” that stays permanently lodged in the body?
A: Simply stated, the answer is “No.” Silver is completely non-toxic. It is a “noble metal,” not a “heavy metal.” Dr. Roger Altman, a PhD in Engineering Science, performed extensive tests to answer the question of silver elimination from the body.  You can read his complete paper here.