How Not To Become a Smurf

How Not To Become a Smurf

30 Years of Experience with Colloidal Silver

I can hear it now…

“Aren’t you afraid of turning blue?” and, “What about that politician I saw on T.V? He looked like a refugee from the Blue Man Group!” “If you drink that colloidal silver stuff, you’ve got to be crazy!”

One of the most pervasive propaganda campaigns ever waged is the effort to scare otherwise thoughtful people away from using colloidal silver. On Facebook, in user forums, even when you Google “colloidal silver,” you can’t avoid the shills who plant a bug in your ear, whether whispered or shouted, “Don’t use that stuff! It will turn you blue!”

Hi, I’m Duncan Cary Palmer.

I’ll admit right from the start that I’m biased. I really believe that every family in the world ought to have a SILVERengines proton in their medicine chest. And yes, while that would also benefit me, it is really one of the ways I hope to bless the world.

But, more about that later…

In case you’ve been out of touch with natural health, “colloidal silver” is a generic term for one of nature’s most powerful antimicrobial agents. It turns out that the average person has a deficiency of silver ions in their body, a lack that can be remedied by drinking nano-scale ions and particles of silver in a solution of distilled water. When ingested, the silver ions disperse throughout your body and attack pathogens of all kinds.

You can walk into almost any health-food store, and even some “conventional” pharmacies, and find ready-made colloidal silver available as an “off-the-shelf” product. You can even buy it on

Are you concerned about the possibility of “turning blue” as a result of using colloidal silver? I’d like to take a few minutes to set your mind at rest in case you’ve been misinformed.

Unfortunately, those with an agenda have spread serious misinformation on this topic. There is, sadly, a vast amount of misleading information out there – whether from government sources, internet articles, or even well-intentioned friends – and it would be very unfortunate if you were to let that deprive you of a wonderful and healthful natural supplement like colloidal silver made with your very own SILVERengines proton.

One of the most widespread fallacies about colloidal silver is that if you take too much of it, it will cause argyria, an (otherwise harmless) condition which turns one’s skin blue. The United States Food and Drug Adminisration (i.e., the FDA), under the strong influence and lobbying of giant pharmaceutical companies, is a major source of misinformation on the subject. This should not be too surprising, as again and again, drug company executives have found their way into key FDA positions:

Because colloidal silver is of no monetary value to the pharmaceutical giants, they go out of their way to use scare tactics to discourage you and me from using it. Could this be to draw attention away from the fact that pharmaceutical drugs kill more than 100,000 people each year? Check this article:

In stark contrast to prescription drugs, colloidal silver has never yet caused a single death:

The reality is that there have been very few cases of argyria, and those who have developed that rare condition were not taking pure colloidal silver, but rather some form of silver compound.

I have personally used home made colloidal silver for more than 30 years, and (so far) have not turned blue.

However, in all honesty, back in the “early days” when I was just learning how to make my own nano silver, I (unfortunately) “swallowed” some misinformation from the internet myself, and, for a time, I was making colloidal silver solutions ignorantly using improper methods. I used unregulated batteries and even at times added some salt to the water to “speed up” the process. When a silver solution is made with bad methods, instead of getting pure nano silver as a result, silver chloride or silver nitrate or other silver compounds may be created, and these are the compounds that may, eventually, lead to argyria. And so, although I have never turned blue, the moons of my fingernails have become slightly darkened.

This is why I have so carefully designed the SILVERengines proton  so that it will not operate with contaminated water! Your SILVERengines proton  tests the water *every time it starts up* in order to ensure that you are using pure, distilled water. If the proton  detects contaminants in the water, it turns itself off and rapidly flashes a RED or PINK indicator so that you know the water is unacceptable. This is for your protection, so that you will not consume any of the non-beneficial silver compounds.

There are varying opinions as to whether the pure, elemental nano silver such as the SILVERengines proton  produces can possibly result in a case of argyria, or “blue-man” syndrome.

As you can see from the above article, even those who believe that it is possible for pure silver to cause argyria point out that you would have to consume about 24 gallons within a single year for this to happen.

You may also want to read this copy of the Altman Study, in which Roger Altman documents the results of his experiments which prove that silver consumed does not remain in the body. You may also appreciate this convenient dosage chart, based on the information available in detail at which has used EPA guidelines to recommend very conservative dosages of nano silver.

I hope my comments and the reference articles I’ve provided might set your mind at ease on the matter. Used responsibly, colloidal silver has never harmed anyone nor caused them to turn blue, but it has positively benefited many thousands.

Duncan Cary Palmer is the inventor and creator of the SILVERengines proton. As neither a doctor nor a medical professional of any kind, nothing he says can be taken as medical advice. He is, nevertheless, more than happy to share his opinions and personal experience with you.

“The content of this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”
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