Community Loan Program

Community Loan Program

30 Years of Experience with Colloidal Silver

we realize that not everyone is able to afford a proton right now. From time to time, we all find ourselves short of financial resources.

Because our primary goal from the beginning has been to help people towards better health, from the beginning of SILVERengines we have made some of our protons available to those in need but unable to purchase.

This began as a local program, but we are now opening up our Community Loan Program to groups and individuals within the continental United States.

Here’s how it works.

Applicants fill out a brief application to determine eligibility for the program. Upon payment of a reasonable security deposit, a proton is shipped to the remote individual or administrator of the group. Upon return of the proton in reasonable condition, the security deposit is returned, less $20 to help defray actual costs of the program

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